Berdyansk port reduces the work

Бердянский порт сокращает работу

The blockade of the Strait of Kerch has Ukrainian ports

The company’s management said regarding the possible reduction of staff. The situation in the port is close to critical.

Berdyansk sea trading port due to the blockade of the Strait of Kerch had moved to working four days a week. This was announced by the acting chief of port Alexander troshchenkov, said on Monday, December 3, edition About Berdyansk.

According to Troshenkova, the port suffered multimillion-dollar losses. He said this on sovmestnoi press conference with the management of state enterprise Administration of sea ports of Ukraine.

It is noted that because of the situation in the Kerch Strait, the port of Berdyansk implemented the financial plan only 50%. As a result, the company’s management was forced to transfer employees to chetyrehbalnoy week. The first vessel entered the port today, 3 December. November 25, the ships were blocked.

As was said at the press conference, at the moment of service of the Berdyansk port is completely abandoned one of the main suppliers of company of Metinvest, and the second largest customer, Portinvest, decreased handling in half.

According to Troshenkova, the current situation encourages the port to reduce personnel.

“This is a necessary measure. To say about the number of downsized employees and how will if at all to reduce them, is now impossible. All our plans will dictate the numbers, and the main task at the moment is to reach break-even and to save the company,” says troshchenkov.

Earlier it was reported that due to the blocking and shut out Russia pass the Kerch Strait, there has accumulated a “tube” of the 421 vehicle. Such data was announced by the Department for the temporarily occupied territories (Minot).

In turn, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kerch Strait remains open for navigation, including for Ukrainian ships.


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