Bereziuk: Creating an anti-corruption court is the key to the continuation of the fight against corruption

Березюк: Создание антикоррупционного суда является ключевым продолжением борьбы с коррупцией

The people’s Deputy Oleg Berezyuk in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 02.11.16

People’s Deputy of Ukraine, head of the parliamentary faction of the “Samopomich” supported the necessity of creating the country’s anti-corruption court. He said this in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine”.

“We need another institution, a very important anti – corruption court for officials. Because if today, even NACP and NABOO prove it (criminal proceedings – ed.) will go to court, “the most just court in the world”, it will fail business or will be corruption. And it is very dangerous. Establishing an anti-corruption court today is a key continuation of work on combating corruption in the country. It cannot be otherwise. Because no court, no judge, even the Pechersk district, will not cope with a person who has just declared several million dollars. The majority of the deputies who have this cash, standing of their owners. The oligarchs. Some of them, 2/3 of them of Russian origin business. Therefore, we are dealing with a serious resistance, which has political, military and business orientation”, – said Berezyuk.

As reported, “samopomich” offers to ask the US and the EU judges to the anti-corruption court.

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