Berinchik defeated former world champion

Беринчик победил бывшего чемпиона мира

Denis Berinchyk

Denis Berinchik defeated Lorenzo Parr by unanimous decision.

Ukrainian lightweight boxer Denis Berinchyk (6-0, 3 KO’s) got a win over former world champion Lorenzo Parra (32-11-2, 19 KO’s).

In the match, which took place in Hungary, 29-year-old Berinchyk won a unanimous decision at the end of volmerange a ranked match.

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Berinchyk for the entire fight looked more athletic, conducted accurate strikes to the body and head, and better moves in the ring. Parra chose a defensive tactic, trying to work on the counter, hard meeting of Ukrainian, but this tactic did not bring him the fruit.

Interestingly, the fourth through seventh rounds, in each round the referee counted the opponent, Denys Berinchyk down, and in the fifth, in addition, Parra took off a point for hitting below the belt.

Note, this is the first game of the Berinchyk abroad in his professional career.

Parr of their last 12 matches won only one, twice was a draw. From 2003 to 2007, he held the title of world champion under version WBA, but lost it after not able to invest in weight before the fight with Takefumi Sakata in March 2007. This year the fight Berinchyk was for Parra is already the sixth.

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