Berinchyk has Stopped worrying about Mustache before the fight

Беринчик: Перестал переживать за Усика еще до боя

Denis Berinchyk

Denis Berinchyk commented on the victory of Alexander Usik in the final of the world Boxing series.

Ukrainian boxer Denis Berinchik, with the WBO Oriental lightweight title, said Oleksandr Usyk realized all the expectations for the bout against Murat Gassieva.

“Waiting all Alexander realized and, of course, I would like to see an early victory. But, perhaps, the team and the angle of the Mustache did everything to the fight was to the end, and victory was on points.

I stopped worrying, even before the battle, knew that everything will be fine, he knew that the victory would be on our side,” said Denis Berinchyk YouTube channel Big.

Note that Denis Berinchyk has arrived in Moscow to maintain Cirrus in the fight against Murat Gassieva.

We will remind, Oleksandr Usyk became the absolute world champion in the heavyweight division, defeating in the final WBSS Murata Gassieva. After the victory, the Ukrainian said that he didn’t mind lifting in the heavyweight division.

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