Berlin has significantly increased its spending on defense in 2019

Берлин значительно увеличил расходы на оборону в 2019 году

The Bundestag

The budget Committee of the Bundestag approved the draft Federal budget for next year. Military spending will rise from 38.5 billion euros to 43.2 billion.

The Committee of the Bundestag on the budget for the meeting, which lasted about 16 hours, approved the draft Federal budget for the year 2019. The document, adopted early Friday morning, November 9, assumes a significant increase in defense spending, assistance to developing countries, as well as the social sphere.

In particular, defense spending increased substantially, than was planned earlier to 43.2 billion euros from 38.5 billion this year. Among other things, includes funds for the purchase of warships and military transport helicopters. Spending on assistance to developing countries will grow from 9.4 billion euros (in 2018) to 10.2 billion to the social needs – of 139.2 billion euros to 145,3 billion.

In addition, the planned additional spending on scientific research, culture, climate protection, and to enhance social cohesion, said the expert on the budget of the conservative CDU/CSU the Eckhardt Rehberg.

In total, 2019, the costs of Germany will grow by 13 billion Euro to 356,4 billion in addition, the project budget, as all the previous five years, aims at avoidance of new debt.

The budget for 2019 is expected to approve at a meeting between 19 and 23 November.

Earlier German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany in the face of the deteriorating international situation and the increasing number of crises and conflicts around the world forced to increase spending on defense.

Source: Russian service of DW


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