Berlin: Nord stream-2 will not stop

Берлин: Северный поток-2 уже не остановить

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany are convinced that the construction of the pipeline Nord stream-2 nothing will stop.

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas said that the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 will not prevent even the US sanctions. And Russia, in his opinion, can independently complete the construction of the pipeline.

According to the Minister, now joined by the EU, negotiations are underway about the preservation of the Ukrainian transit, but they lose meaning if USA will impose sanctions and the Russians themselves will complete the pipeline.

“This project will not break no one. US sanctions may lead to the exit of Western companies, including German companies. This, however, will not lead to the curtailment of the project. In this case, Russia follows its own, and then nobody will have any impact on the saving of gas transit through Ukraine”, – said the head of the German foreign Ministry.

Maas also noted that there are concerns about gas supplies via Ukraine after the launch of the pipeline.

Recall, January 12, the US Ambassador has sent letters to several German companies with the threat of sanctions from Nord stream-2. In the Bundestag responded to the threat by an American diplomat.

Source: Russian service of DW

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