Berlin on the election of LDNR: you Can without control of the border

Берлин о выборах ЛДНР: Можно без контроля границы

The elections in Donbass Ukraine’s control over the territories and the border is not a prerequisite, said the German Ambassador.

Local elections in the DNI and LC can be carried out to establish control of Ukraine over these territories and without the return of the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Donbas, stated the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine Ernst Reichel.

“We do not perceive full control over the occupied territories, or the individual territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions as a necessary prerequisite for the elections,” the Ambassador said.

“We don’t see that the actual full sovereign control over the occupied territories is a prerequisite for the holding of elections,” said Reichel at the request of journalists.

The diplomat said that now considering the so-called “formula Steinmeier” on elections in the Donbass.

“Okay, assume this: first, Parliament should enact appropriate laws on elections and special status, then the election, then immediately after the elections the OSCE should reaffirm that these elections corresponded to European standards. If the elections do not meet this adopted BP the laws on the special status does not take effect”, – said the Ambassador.

He added that the currently ongoing discussion about the order of certain steps.

Note, in September, Germany has stated that Kiev will have to make concessions to Minsk-2.

In October, the German foreign Minister and OSCE Chairperson Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that in the Donbas there are no conditions for the elections.

Previously Kiev told about the differences with the EU on the elections in the Donbass.