Berlusconi: It’s time to fold

Берлускони: Пришло время сбросить карты

Silvio Berlusconi

79-year-old Italian Milan President Silvio Berlusconi has confirmed the information that in the near future the club will be sold.

At the moment, the Chinese consortium in talks to buy 70 percent stake in the Rossoneri. Italian media reported that the deal will be completed not later than the 20th of June.

Milan President Silvio Berlusconi said that after 30 years of his “presidency” it is time to hand the club over to other hands.

“Put the poker language, I believe that after 30 years in Milan, it’s time to fold.

But I want to pass Milan in good hands. It should be the people who will lead the club to new victories. People willing to regularly invest in football,” said Berlusconi

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