Besedin: Moraes not watching, not interested

Беседин: За Мораесом не следим, неинтересно

Artem Besedin

Dynamo striker Artem Besedin commented on the goal of the miner and the super Cup in General.

Striker Dynamo said, what role will they play to win the match for the super Cup in consecutive games and commented on his game which often evolved without the ball.

“This victory will give us confidence. With each match we gain more and more momentum, and in the first game of the championship will be in optimal condition. I want to congratulate all the fans with a victory. Thank you that they are always with us.

Understand that the striker should score, but now this is soccer, what you need to do more work without the ball, to help the team in defence and attack. All you need to do not in order to score, and that team won. Well, today we did it. Congratulations to the coaching staff. We had a good training camp in Austria, and today it helped us.

Goal? A mistake by the goalkeeper, and it so happened that buialskyi scored. We were told that we need to press on and meet the contender on its half of the field.

There were moments as we have, and the miner. So to say that game until a goal is wrong. It’s football, it can be everything. You need to play to the final whistle”, – quotes Besedina Dynamomania.

On the question of Moraes Besedin said that he’s not interested in him.

“We do not follow him. I’m not interested,” said the FC Dynamo.

Earlier it was reported that Dynamo didn’t shake hands with Moraes in greeting. Later, Dynamo’s captain Viktor Tsygankov said that it was a team decision.

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