Besedin: you are required to qualify in the first place

Беседин: обязаны выходить из группы с первого места

The Dynamo forward has shared his expectations from the start in the Europa League.

Dynamo Kiev striker Artem Besedin has given his commentary before the home game with Astana, which the people of Kiev will open this season’s Europa League.

“We started preparing for a meeting with them after the game with Dawn. Astana is a good team that is a leader in the national championship. But we have to beat them, like everyone else, and first to leave the group in the next stage of the competition. Most importantly – and conscientiously carry out their work, to give our all and show a good game.

Well, we start performances in the Europa League at the Olympic in front of their fans. In his field we should be easier than on the road. The main thing is to start with a victory in the following games to feel calm and confident” – quoted Besedina official website of Dynamo.

Recall that the match between Dynamo and Astana will take place on 20 September. On our website will be available online broadcast of the match. Eve was declared the brigade of arbitrators which will serve this meeting.

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