Best service in Europe? Who pursues SBU

Лучшая служба в Европе? Кого преследует СБУ

What is now engaged in the Ukrainian special services.

In recent days, Ukraine has a lot of questions to the work of the SBU.

The intelligence officers came up with searches foreign investment company, was seen at the scene of the murder of a resonance.

Although President Petro Poroshenko appreciates the work of the SBU. At his press conference, he said that the SBU is one of the most successful intelligence services in Europe, and the number of prevented terrorist attacks, it has no equal.

According to Poroshenko, security service has faced serious challenges in connection with a hybrid war with Russia, and while good deal with them.

Today the work of the service reported by its Chairman Vasyl Hrytsak. Корреспондент.net collected information about recent cases of the SBU.

The Fact Sheremet

The reporters found that the murder of Pavel Sheremet at the time of laying explosives under his car, was the employee of SBU Igor Ustimenko.

In SBU declare that Ustimenko resigned from the security service on 29 April 2014 for health reasons.

The head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak said that Igor Ustimenko didn’t do any of the tasks of the SBU building where he lived Pavel Sheremet, the night was laid explosives under the car of a journalist.

While Hrytsak said that the SBU is ready to assist the national police in locating Ustimenko.

“The case is being investigated by Nicolicea, the main investigation Department. We talked with the head of national police, General Kononenko spoke with the head of national police Knyazev, we are ready to contribute… We can’t call in for questioning without having authorization investigator of national police”, he said.

“We will help (in establishing) its location, shipping, anything,” said Hrytsak.

The persecution of activists and journalists

Recently, the SBU accused of harassment of civil society activists who criticize the authorities, and in listening to journalists of the edition “Ukrainian truth”.

In particular, the SBU was accused of organizing a rally near the house of the Chairman of the “Center of counteraction of corruption” Vitaly Shabunin.

The security Service argued that was under the house Shabunina during a rally on the subject of declaring an accident.

“As for Shabunina – it’s my subordinate, probably, the investigator Matcovschi… He was really near home Shabunina, but I will declare: we do not work on Shebunino or other public Ukrainian politicians”, – said the head of the Department of protection of national statehood of the security service of Ukraine Viktor Kononenko.

Practiced is another matter, “worked in emergency mode,” said Viktor Kononenko.

According to him, with Shabunina turned out to be “coincidence”.

“In many ways he is guilty (matkowski). He’s not worked – and didn’t know where he’s going,” said Kononenko.

“That is a coincidence. But for what it led to charges, (Matcovschi) will suffer the punishment of the responsible official,” he said.

The representative of the SBU said: “I’m ready when you all apologize for what we got mister Shabunina to worry.”

“But I would like to and he asked forgiveness because he moved to the accusations of personalities. We have not been let down and doesn’t allow”, – said Kononenko.

On the question of whether a chance meeting at the airport of other activists, he said, “I’m not ready to tell you who he is meeting at the airport – I can not comment on the facts that you know.”

As to the wiretapping of journalists, Vasily Gritsak says that when it SBU listened to the journalists of “Ukrainian truth”.

Rivne people’s Republic of

The Chairman of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak said that the organization of mass actions with appeals to create “Rivne people’s Republic” was carried out by Russian intelligence, “the Committee of rescue of Ukraine” Mykola Azarov, the leader of the party “Emery”.

“One of the initiators of the so-called protests in Ukraine is the leader of the party “Emery” Nicholas Dulsky, who is now hiding in Moscow”, – said the head of the SBU.

He stressed that he does not blame anything other members of the “Emery” who participate in the social life of Kiev and other cities.

According to him, on 10 may at the direction Dulsky attackers made an attempt to collect the extras to lock the Rivne regional state administration under the slogan of struggle against the amber mafia. To do this, they gathered a lot of students of Rivne vocational schools.

Hrytsak also pointed out that the so-called “Committee of rescue of Ukraine”, which is headed by Russia’s former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, said through Dulsky on the organization of these shares 4 thousand dollars. Students for participation received 200 UAH.

According to the head of the SBU, the police have detained one local and two visitors from Kyiv and Lviv, the organizers of “Rivne stock”. During searches in their apartments were seized communications, correspondence, testifying about preparation of the riots, as well as ammunition.

Hrytsak said that one of the detainees whose name begins with the letter K, had also planned to take out a group of homeless Kiev to Odessa, so they spent supposedly protests under the guise of ethnic Bulgarians.

In fact the riots in Rivne, says Hrytsak, the criminal proceedings are opened under article 110 of the criminal code (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine).

The fight with the FSB

The Russian security services are involved in the recruitment of Ukrainian patriots to disrupt the socio-political situation in Ukraine, said Hrytsak.

“Traditionally, intelligence agencies of enemy countries use methods such as recruiting Patriotic citizens. Another option is the introduction of its sources in the Patriotic environment,” he said.

According to Hrytsak, Russia helping Ukrainians who immediately after the revolution of dignity left Ukraine.

He also said that Russian security services carried out close monitoring of the problems in Ukraine, which are then used as the basis for carrying out actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country.

Action against Roche

For actions against shops Roshen are ex-MPs Andriy Klyuyev and Volodymyr Oliynyk, as well as the leaders of the so-called “anti-Maidan”, said the head of the security Service of Ukraine.

Hrytsak said that the Russian security services put two goals: to destabilize and discredit Ukraine. According to him, if this goal is reached and will destroy the power vertical in Ukraine, Russia will move to “open aggression”.

“Therefore, the stability in the country and the situation in the area ATO are interconnected,” he said.

According to Hrytsak, ex-MPs Andriy Klyuyev and Volodymyr Oliynyk, leaders of the “Maidan” Zinchenko and others attracted “several citizens of Ukraine to the organization of events to discredit the President of Petro Poroshenko.”

“This is a us documented fact. The campaign was called “candy riots in stores Roshen”. Us udokumentowane a few such events since the receipt of instructions, detailed instructions, transfer of money, other things. Now the persons with whom we exposed, given the testimony,” – said the head of the SBU.

He showed screenshots of the correspondence for this reason.

Hrytsak said that the action was planned to first shop around and factory “Roshen” (former “Karl Marx”) in Kiev, but also in a few other places.

“The details would be incorrect to tell, because there are not just nice things – red paint, portraits, etc. Details and instructions came from Moscow: how it was done. We have fully documented these correspondence and briefings on these shares,” he said.

Head of Department of protection of national statehood of the security service of Ukraine Viktor Kononenko added: “Action “candy riot” was planned in different stores “Roshen”. It was required that people were in uniform of the Volunteers to do certain actions”.

“The next actions that we, in fact, warned, called “decommunization Roshen” when 400 people had to go to the factory and to demolish the bust of Karl Marx, who supposedly is there. The action is pre-empted,” added General Kononenko.