Biathlon. 150 athletes signed a petition to toughen the fight against doping

The public submitted a petition directed to the international biathlon Union.

Put their signature athletes from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, USA.

The main requirements is to increase the duration of the disqualification for doping, the increase in penalties for federations and reduce quotas for the world Cup, world Championships and Olympic games.

Adaptation of the text of the petition is provided below:

“Dear members of the Executive Committee of the International biathlon Union (IBU)!

We, the undersigned sportsmen IBU supported the previously expressed statements and IBU to urge swift and decisive action to protect clean sport Code the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) and the ethical standards set out in the Constitution and Rules of the IBU that we, as pure athletes.

How to clean athletes competing on the world Cup, world Championships and Olympic games, we readily performed a standardized anti-doping rules. We sacrifice our right to privacy, to ensure that absolutely every time we are available for anti-doping testing without prior notice. We readily go to all this trouble, to guarantee the protection of the rights of every athlete to participate in competition without doping.

We accept and understand that the IBU is currently conducting an internal investigation in relation to specific athletes, identified in the report McLaren on 9 December. We urge the continuation of these investigations, focusing on ensuring the integrity and fairness of our competitions this season.

We recognize that IBU need time to properly investigate cases of specific athletes mentioned in the report of McLaren. However, we are disappointed that after multiple suggestions from the athletes and federations over the past seven years, IBU has not tightened the rules to prevent doping scandal, described in the report of McLaren. Now, of course, it is clear that our rules IBU were and are sufficient to prevent doping.

In 2009, long before the discoveries of McLaren, 20 members of the IBU have signed a petition calling for stronger punishment for systematic doping. In addition, the IBU Athletes Committee put forward a proposal to the Executive Committee of the IBU in may 2016, calling for similar action.

To prevent doping in the future, we must strengthen the IBU rules relating to violations of anti-doping Code committed by athletes and federations. IBU rules should fully prevent athletes and federations who are thinking about the doping. Accordingly, we call for the following changes:

1. Longer term suspensions (up to 8 years) for athletes who have violated anti-doping rules;

2. Higher penalties (up to €1 000 000) for federations whose athletes violated anti-doping rules;

3. Reduced seasonal quotas at the start of the world Cup, world Championships and Olympic games for the federations with one or more athlete violated anti-doping rules.

We don’t have time to wait until the next IBU Congress in 2018. Given the unprecedented and urgent nature of the situation, the Executive Committee of the IBU must act to protect the integrity of our sport, maintenance of fair competition and the health of all athletes. These measures should be taken as soon as possible. If these measures cannot be taken by the Executive Committee as “emergency”, the Executive Committee must convene an emergency meeting of the IBU Congress, to make these changes immediately.

The time has come to IBU has taken convincing measures to protect clean sport. Measures which first and foremost guarantee to all the participants that doping and violations of the WADA Code is unacceptable in any form at any level. Punishment for doping will be swift and severe. Only then we, the athletes, and our fans will be able to be sure that the IBU really has zero tolerance for doping.

We, the undersigned sportsmen are United in the protection of the fundamental rights of every athlete to participate in competition without doping. We are ready to bear any burden to promote justice, equality and health for athletes worldwide.”

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