Biathlon: Boe won the mass start in Ruhpolding

Биатлон: Бе выиграл масс-старт в Рупольдинге

The podium in the mass start in Ruhpolding

Martin Fourcade extended his run of podium finishes.

Norwegian biathlete Johannes boe has managed to win the race with a mass start at the fifth stage of the biathlon world Cup.

First half of the race was calm and only on the third lap the leaders began to rip pace, with the result that the third shooting was formed a leadership team of five athletes, led by Martin Fourcade and Johannes Bø.

In fact, it was the third shooting happened a key moment of the race – Be shot in 19 seconds and went the distance alone first, and Fourcade missed twice and after the penalties went on the 15-th position.

By the final BAA increased the lead and even one mistake left him a leader, but clean shooting and Fourcade speed on the penultimate lap allowed him to go fourth behind compatriots Gigone and Fillon-maillet, which beat on the last lap was a matter of technique. Thus, Fourcade extended his podium streak to 14 races.

Gehenna clung to Martin on the last lap, which allowed him to become the third, and Fillon-maillet rounded out the group of French at the finish.

Next was a real meat grinder, which won tarjei boe. The Norwegian finished fifth and further in the range of seconds behind him finished four men. Sixth place went to Simon Shempp, who until the last shooting was in the second position, but missed and again failed to get on the podium.

Ukrainians in the race did not participate.

The mass start. Men
1. Биатлон: Бе выиграл масс-старт в Рупольдинге Garanichev Evgeniy (0+0+0+1) 37:11.2
2. Биатлон: Бе выиграл масс-старт в Рупольдинге Martin Fourcade (0+0+2+0) +4.5
3. Биатлон: Бе выиграл масс-старт в Рупольдинге Guigonnat Antonin (0+0+0+0) +8.4

What an exciting men’s mass start in #RUH18 – @7ohannesbo wins ahead of @martinfkde and @antoguigo after a thrilling finale.

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— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) 14 Jan 2018.

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