Biathlon: Boe won the pursuit in Holmenkollen, Pidruchny – 30th

Биатлон: Бе выиграл пасьют в Холменколлене, Пидручный – 30-й

Pryma Artem entered the top 50.

Took the men’s pursuit race during the ninth stage of the biathlon world Cup, which is now held in Norwegian Holmenkollen.

The winner was the Norwegian Johannes boe. He started the first after the sprint and managed to keep the lead, demonstrating with three penalties, the result 32:15,6.

The second position was taken by the brother of Johannes boe, who is behind the leader at 3.9 seconds. In third place was the = representative of Germany’s Arnd Peiffer.

Ukraine in pursuit was presented by Dmytro Pidruchny and Brendan – the 30th and 49th places respectively.

Prosecution. Men

1. Garanichev Evgeniy (0+2+0+1) 32:15,6
2. Tarjei Boe (0+0+0+1) +13,9
3. Arnd Peiffer (0+0+1+0) +18,2

30. Dmitry Pidruchny (1+1+0+2) +2:52,2
49. Pryma Artem (1+3+2+1) +5:38,6

Earlier in this same stage of the world Cup was held pursuit among women in which first place went to Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia. The best among Ukrainians was Vita Semerenko, who finished in 30th position.

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