Biathlon. Chirp 2016. Fatty takes bronze in the pursuit

Биатлон. ЛЧМ-2016. Жирный берет бронзу в преследовании

Another medal at the summer biathlon world Championships brought Ukraine Alexander Bold.

In Estonian otepää continues Summer Biathlon world Championships. Today, the medal races are played out in the persecution.

Alexander Bold was able to replenish the Treasury of our national team bronze medal. After yesterday’s sprint Ukrainian in today’s race started the seventh. Upon entering the cohort of athletes who allowed the fewest mistakes among all athletes (2), Sasha was able to break through to the podium, zastaviv for a 3rd place.

The winner of the race-persecution was the winner of yesterday’s sprint – Slovak Martin, Otchenash, the silver with Russian Sergey Klyachin.

As for other Ukrainians in General, our team played well. Vladimir Semakov took the final 5-e a place, Sergey Semenov – 10, one of the leaders of the national team Dmitry Pidruchny settled on the 11th place and 13th and 26th place took pryma Artem and Vitaly Chelcicky respectively.

Also we present to your attention the finish of Alexander the Bold in today’s race.

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