Biathlon. Christmas race. The mass start. Another triumph for the Germans

Биатлон. Рождественская гонка. Масс-старт. Еще один триумф немцев

Eric Lesser

After winning the race persecution duets from Germany, celebrated the success in the mass start.

Earlier it was reported that on the traditional Christmas race, win the race (race persecution) celebrated German Duo in the face of Vanessa Hinz and Simone Clean, second place went to another local Duo – Erik Lesser and Francis Hildebrand.

Then Christmas race on Veltins Arena continued with a mass start. Here, the first two steps of the podium once again left behind by the Germans. Only this time the winner and the silver prize-winner of the first race roles were reversed. A Duo of lesser/Hildebrand finished first, and a couple Hinz/Schempp took the second place.

Bronze, as in the prosecution, remained with the Russians Alexey Volkov and Olga podchufarova. As for the Ukrainians, Semenov Serhiy and Olena Pidhrushna slightly improved result compared to the race of persecution, but for the medals to compete still have not managed – 7-th result.

1. Franziska Hildebrand / Lesser Erik (2) (Germany) 32:27.1

2. Gossner Miriam / Simon Schempp (4) (Germany) +15.1

3. Olga Podchufarova / Alexei Volkov (4) (Russia) +23.7

4. Julia Schweiger / Simon Eder (4) (Austria) +27.5

5. Anais Bescond / Jean-Guillaume, Beatrice (6) (France) +50.9

6. Gabriela Soukalova / Michal Slesingr (9) (Czech Republic) +57.3

7. Olena Pidhrushna / Sergey Semenov (8) (Ukraine) +1:08.5

8. Fanny Horn-Birkeland / Lars Helge Birkeland (8) (Norway) +1:16.9

9. Dorothea Wierer / Green Brendan (9) (Italy) +1:25.0

10. Meagan Tandy / Maximilian Davis (8) (Canada) +2:38.5

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