Biathlon. Czech Republic is boycotting the Russian stage

Биатлон. Чехия бойкотирует российский этап

One of the leaders of the Czech team Ondrej moravec

The head of the Czech Federation, Jiri Hamza, said that the national team of this country will act at the Russian stage of the World Cup.

The head of the biathlon Federation of the Czech Republic jiří Hamza, said that the team of the Czech Republic intends to boycott the Russian World Cup in Tyumen in full force. Thus, the functionary and the entire team protest against the actions of the Russian side, which once again caught in a doping scandal.

Last week, WADA had provided the International biathlon Union (IBU) list of Russians, who at one time or another took illegal drugs. There are total of 31 people, among them are active athletes.

According to Hamza, the Czechs do not intend to accept calmly the fact of impunity of the Russians. In his opinion, to expect a fair verdict from the IBU should not be, because the boycott seems the only solution, in order to show the national team of Russia, the situation with doping in biathlon unacceptable.

Earlier, his position on this issue was voiced by one of the leaders of the men’s national team of the Czech biathlon – Michal Slesingr.

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