Biathlon: France won the mixed relay, Ukraine – in the top 10

Биатлон: Франция выиграла смешанную эстафету, Украина – в топ-10

Ukrainian Quartet didn’t perform well in the mixed relay.

With a confident victory of the French team ended mixed relay of the first stage of the world Cup in Slovenian Pokljuka. Pyeongchang Olympic Champions once again proved their level in this biathlon program.

Although the start of the race was held to the accompaniment of Finnish intonation. Percussion duet Marie Adair, Kaisa mäkäräinen led the race confidently to the middle of the race having superiority over the rivals in half a minute! And behind was traditionally strong national teams of Italy, France and Germany, as well as a surprise doubles – Switzerland.

Ukrainian women, unfortunately, showed that the focus on the start of the season in preparing the team coaches do not have. If shooting our team was more than competitive (just four stages Ukrainians used five spare rounds), the movement speed of the track left much to be desired. In the end, the female half of the relay Vita Semerenko Olena Pidhrushna had led the team to the equator in ninth position with a gap of 1:45 to the leaders.

The third stage became a mini-feast of Martin Fourcade, who led the French in the race lead. First, he already in the first round easily broke away from the German Philipp horn and Italian Dominik Windisch, and on standing gave a lesson of self-control Finn Tero seppälä. And victory “tricolor” would be categorical after three steps, if not… the Swiss team! Experienced anev Krasimir not just would not let go of seven-time world Cup winner away from you, but even reduced the gap to separate segments of the race! By the time Martin passed on the baton to Simon, Destie, of its superiority over the Swiss was 15 seconds, and over all other rivals – minute and more!

A little behind its struggle in the third phase was led by Sergey Semenov, who at this race team captain Dmitry Pedrucho, which has not yet fully recovered from the effects of a cold. And I must say, looked Sergei quite well. Problems with speed, however, were similar to those demonstrated women’s national team, but at the turn of Sergei felt confident, and at the expense of the shooting played the position, coming to pass the baton of the seventh.

Goal by Artem Prima was difficult to try to compete for the “flowers” with the ex-world champion in the sprint by German Benedikt Doll. And in polumenta behind was “fun” company, headed by Johannes Bø. The tension of this fight Artem, sorry, could not resist – two spares in prone and another in standing forced him to skip ahead of the same Be-Junior and the Swede Fredrik lindström. At the finish of Ukrainian team was ninth. A year ago in almost the same composition (only instead of a Vita in the first stage ran Semerenko Valj) Ukrainians opened the season with a tenth position in the mixed doubles. Stability, from which I would like to give up.

Well, the French confidently brought it to victory, confirming the sagacity of the bookmakers, with one voice give them the championship even before the start. And if the first half of the fourth stage of the Swiss finello Jeremy even tried to oppose the Frenchman Simon Destie, then in standing and he trembled, content with second position.

And the third place took place an interesting fight. Ollie hiiidensalo had this fight at the start, a small margin still not able to bring Finland to the podium. Initially, it caught up with Alexander Loginov, and the rack from behind both jumped (so that will not find it!) Lukas Hofer and Italy triumphantly raced to the bronze!

The results of two mixed relay Nations Cup Ukraine is located at the fourth position. But this is only the beginning, and everything will change next Wednesday, when in Pokljuka men will be released at the start of the individual race.

Mixed relay
1. France (0+5) 1:10:02,8
2. Switzerland (0+9) +38,7
3. Italy (1+8) +52,1
…9. Ukraine (0+5) +2:21,0

Recall that in the single mixed relay Ukraine won the bronze

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