Biathlon: Jim and Pidruchny was sixth in a single supermike

Биатлон: Джима и Пидручный стали шестыми в одиночном супермиксте

On the stage of the world Cup in salt lake city Ukrainian finished sixth.

The national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchna and Yulia Jima was sixth in a single supermike on the world Cup stage in salt lake city.

Great race held Dmitry Pidruchny that my first stage was without mistakes and passed the baton to the first. But Jim, though he missed only once, but the speed on the course, dropped our team to fifth place.

Pidruchny came out to play lag, but with good speed Pidruchny three times used the extra ammo. The efforts of Dmitry was enough to lift the team to fourth place.

Yulia Jim despite two more penalties after the final standing shooting, took to the track for the fourth and final round was held at pace runners. But, alas, was quick behind Gasparin ELISA and Ingrid Tandrevold that went around Julia.

He won the race with Italy Lukas Hofer and Dorothea wierer, the Austrians Simon Eder, Lisa Theresa Hauser was second, and the French guigonnat Antonin and Julia Simon won bronze.

Single mixed relay

1. Italy (0+6) 35:27,9
2. Austria (0+2) +22,9
3. France (1+8) +50,2
4. Germany (0+6) +1:06,9
5. Norway (0+6) +1:07,4
6. Ukraine (0+6) +1:17,9

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