Biathlon: Jim won control start in Obertilliach

Биатлон: Джима выиграла контрольный старт в Обертиллахе

In men, no one was in the top ten.

In the Austrian Obertilliach, where the training is carried out individually preparing for the season Yulia Jim and Anastasia Merkushyna, took control of the sprints in men and women with participation of sportsmen of Ukraine, Austria, Canada, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Finland and the USA.

The women’s race was won by Yulia Jim, who managed with one penalty, 13 seconds ahead of Marie Eder (Laukkanen). Anastasiya Merkushyna with the same precision behind a little less than a minute.

1. Julia Jim (0+1) 22:06,4
2. Marie Eder (Laukkanen) (1+0) +12,9
3. Claire Egan (0+0) +31,0

6. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+1) +56,8

The strongest men became Canada’s Scott Gow – the only one in this race was held purely two abroad. The most highly of the three participated in the control start of the Ukrainians finished Artem Tishchenko, who, with one penalty was the 13th.

1. Scott Gow (0+0) 23:16,9
2. Simon Eder (1+0) +3,0
3. Jakov FAK (1+1) +11,3

13. Artem Tishchenko (0+1) +1:09,7
15. Sergey Semenov (1+2) +1:33,7
20. Vitaly Kilchitsky (0+4) +2:01,2

Earlier it was reported that Pidhrushna has taken second place in the test race in Switzerland.

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