Biathlon: Kuzmina became the world champion in the sprint, two Ukrainian women in the top 30

None of the Ukrainians was not able to go the distance without mistakes.

Slovak biathlete Anastasia Kuzmina won the sprint race at the biathlon world Championships, which takes place in östersund.

For the triple Olympic champion is the first gold medal won at the world Championships. Earlier it was silver in the mass start in 2009 and bronze in the sprint in 2011.

Second place winning the silver, took the Norwegian Candravali, and bronze German Laura Dallmeier, which is just 0.6 seconds ahead of Sweden’s Anna öberg.

Ukrainka is not able to cope with the shooting, so Anastasiya Merkushyna and Valya Semerenko was content to be in the top 30, and Julia Jim with two penalties on the counter can be happy only in the place in pursuit.

Vita Semerenko had four penalties and updated personal record at the world Championships – 76th place.

Sprint. Women
1. Anastasiya Kuzmina (1+0) 22:17,5
2. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (0+0) +9,7
3. Laura Dahlmeier (0+0) +12,6

28. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+1) +1:17,3
29. Valj Semerenko (2+0) +1:20,0
54. Julia Jim (0+2) +2:20,6
76. Vita Semerenko (2+2) +3:05,6

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