Biathlon: Merkushina, Jim and Zhuravok finished the race in the top 15

Биатлон: Меркушина, Джима и Журавок завершили гонку в топ-15

Anastasiya Merkushyna managed to qualify in the race with a mass start.

Three new medalists of the world Championships gave the world biathlon individual race in Ostersund, Sweden. Hanna öberg, Lisa Vittozzi and Justine Breza have the assets of many awards at competitions of the highest level, but at the world Championships they have not won any medal.

Pleased local fans Olympic champion öberg: triumfatory individual race in Pyeongchang in 2018 proved that it is not accidentally shot a year ago and again won gold. Lisa Vittozzi in addition to the title of Vice-world champion won the Small crystal globe due to the failure of the Czechs Marketa Davidova, which is due to the five minute penalty this time was not even in the points area.

Justine Breza was the only winner who made an error in shooting. One minute fine, the French surely would have run to victory, but one mistake made her on the last lap to combat the result of Laura Dahlmeier. At the finish of Breza was five seconds faster than the German.

The best of Ukrainians became Anastasiya Merkushyna that one-minute penalty in liabilities took 9-th place. Yulia Jim and Yulia Zhuravok managed to cope with all the targets, but on the track is very much lost to the leaders and eventually finished in 12th and 14th places respectively. Valj Semerenko had three penalties and was on the 36th finishing position.

Anastasiya Merkushyna managed to be among the best biathletes of the world Cup and will be able to speak in the women’s mass start, where will be the only representative of Ukraine.

Race results:

1. Hanna Öberg (0+0+0+0) 43:10,4
2. Lisa Vittozzi (0+0+0+0) +23,6
3. Justine Breza (0+0+1+0) +32,5

10. Anastasiya Merkushyna (0+0+0+1) +2:04,6
12. Julia Jim (0+0+0+0) +2:28,6
14. Yulia Zhuravok (0+0+0+0) +2:33,5
36. Valya Semerenko (0+0+1+2) +4:22,2

Earlier it was reported that Dmitry Pidruchny brought Ukraine a world Cup gold in the pursuit.

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