Biathlon. Merkushyna won the sprint at the IBU Cup

Биатлон. Меркушина выиграла спринт на Кубке IBU

Anastasiya Merkushyna

After the triumph in single, mixed doubles, Ukrainian Anastasiya Merkushyna had no equal in the sprint race at the IBU Cup in ridnaun.

Ridnaun loves us. The second victory in a row.

Not very well acted in östersund, Merkushin gave up and confirmed his class at the IBU Cup. I hope that as I gained confidence in ridnaun, She will be able to perform at the world Cup and break into the elite of biathlon. Confident shooting and a fine move allowed her today to beat all their opponents more than half a minute. Second place went to the Russian Uliana Kaisheva, trying to get into the main team of Russia. Bronze German Carolyn Horchler, who returns to his usual form, after a bad phase in Beitostøl.

1) Anastasiya Merkushyna (Ukraine) 0+0 21:11.8

2) Uliana Kaisheva (Russia) 0+0 +34,6

3) Carolyn Horchler (Germany) 0+0 +50,5

4) Colin Varcin (France) 0+1 +1:10,2

5) Nadine Horchler (Germany) 1+0 +1:21,8

6) Jan Gerekova (Slovakia) 1+0 +1:24,0

7) Virolaynen Daria (Russia) 0+2 +1:24,

8 ) Irene Caloric (Switzerland) 0+0 +1:38,4

9) Victoria Slivko (Russia) 0+1 +1:40,0

10) Ekaterina Shumilova (Russia) 0+1 +1:51,4

31) Mary Krutova (Ukraine) 1+1 +2:46,4

34) Yuliya Bryhynets (Ukraine) 0+1 +2:50,6

59) Yana Pustovalova (Ukraine) 1+0 +3:26,2

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