Biathlon: Norway’s first women’s relay, Ukraine – in the top 10

Биатлон: Норвегия первая в женской эстафете, Украина - в топ-10

The three best teams Sweden and Switzerland.

In Estresante ended the women’s relay in the first phase of the world Cup.

The best result was shown by Norway, the second they finished from Switzerland, and locked the three leaders of the Swede.

The national team of Ukraine took ninth place. Our team was represented by Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Jim, Vita Semerenko and Darya Blashko.

The world Cup, the first stage, östersund

Relay, women

1. Norway– 1:11.08,7 (0+10)

2. Switzerland – 8,5 (0+4)

3. Sweden – a 10.2 (0+8)…

…9. Ukraine – 2.47,1 (0+8)

Note that men’s relay was also won by the Norwegians.

According to the materials: