Biathlon. Nove Mesto. Sprint. Fourcade first, Semenov – seventh

Биатлон. Нове Место. Спринт. Фуркад первый, Семенов - седьмой

Sergey Semenov

Martin Fourcade of France produced another victory in the season, this time in the first race of the world Cup in the Czech town of Nove mesto. The best of the Ukrainians – Sergey Semyonov became the seventh.

Won the race Martin Fourcade, this is his 5th victory in six races. If you make a mistake in the second prone, the Frenchman came 4th, losing 15 seconds to Anton Shipulin, but a great finish lap allowed not only to regain the lead, but even to get ahead for 2 seconds Russian. Yet to fight with the crown Prince of Fourcade (with the current king Bjoerndalen) is not under force to anybody.

The only winners who managed to shoot back to zero, was Anton Shipulin, the second stage in a row, rising to the podium. Work with a personal (recall that Shipulin trains in the offseason apart from team) shooting coach Andrey gerbulov is bearing fruit. The Russians finally managed to work on the shooting range, the problems which haunt Anton from last season.

Opposition for the third place played out between the two Norwegian Emil-Hegle Swedanam and Johannes Bø. Who do you think won? I think if it happened last week, all answered promptly that won Be. But the sprint takes place in one of favorite cities Svendsen, where he had spent enchanting world championship 2013, breaking Pursuit. Today Emil lacked quite a bit to their first win in two years. Let’s hope that the Norwegian has recovered from all his illnesses that have plagued him for a long time, and will be able to provide decent resistance leaders. As for the younger Be, he begins to show consistent results throughout the season, which is very important to fight for BHG (Big crystal globe).

Competition in men’s biathlon is growing with each stage, the top 10 finished within just 30 seconds.To the last claim victory, the Bulgarian Vladimir Iliev, but an unfortunate mistake not to let true sensation. Despite this, Iliev set a personal record finishing in 5th place. Again drove in 10 of the Austrian Julian Eberhard,although allowed 3 misses.He shows great speed, seven seconds ahead of Martin Fourcade himself,but he can’t cope with his terrible shooting.

Note also the excellent results of the young 19-year-old Swedish athlete Sebastian Samuelson, who finished in 13th place. Swedish biathlon begins to revive and to compete on the world stage.

The Ukrainians confirmed that the stadium in the Czech Republic is a happy place for our athletes. Four Ukrainians managed to finish in the thirty best. A rare achievement for our men. Clean shooting brought to Sergey Semenov 7th place and a great attacking position for the upcoming pursuit. 22-th place, the captain Dmitry Pedrucho, which was not up to the shooting. After it finished the Brendan. 27th place went to Vitaly Kilchitsky for which this is the eighth hit in the top 30. Not was the race for Fatty Alexander, who had two penalties and finished the race only 72.

Martin Fourcade strengthened its leading position in the overall standings, ahead of Johannes boe by 112 points. After a few good races in third place behind only 9 points from second place is situated Anton Shipulin.

As for the Ukrainians, Dmitry Pidruchny rose to 24th place, which is important, given Sunday’s mass start, which fall into the top 25. On the outskirts of thirty is located pryma Artem and Sergey Semenov (31-m and 32-m a place accordingly).

Race results:

1. Martin Fourcade (France, 0+1) 23:48.0
2. Anton Shipulin (Russia, 0+0) +1.6
3. Emil Svendsen (Norway, 0+1) +6.4
4. Johannes Bø (Norway, 1+0) +10.5
5. Vladimir Iliev (Bulgaria, 0+1) +15.8
6. Andrew Rastorguev (Latvia, 0+1) +16.3
7. Sergey Semenov (Ukraine, 0+0) +18.8

22. Dmitry Pidruchny (1+0) +50.2
23. Grossegger (1+0) +57.2
27. Vitaly Kilchitsky (0+0) +1:05.5
72. Alexander Fat (1+1) +2:29.9

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