Biathlon: Peiffer won the individual race of the world Cup, the Ukrainians failed

The best result among the Ukrainians showed Vitaly Trush.

In the Swedish Estersund ended individual race of the biathlon world Championships.

The winner of the competition was the German Arnd Peiffer in second place was Bulgarian Vladimir Iliev, and third place on the podium was occupied by the brother of the owner of the Big crystal Globe this season Johanness Be – Tarja.

As for the Ukrainians, the best result was shown by Vitaly Trush, who finished with 59. Ruslan Tkalenko finished 65th, Sergey Semenov showed the 69-th result, and the last was Brendan from the 83rd position.

The individual race. Men
1. Arnd Peiffer (0+0+0+0) 52:42,4
2. Vladimir Iliev (0+1+0+0) +1:08,7
3. Tarjei Boe (0+1+0+0) +1:09,1

59. Vitaliy Trush (0+1+1+0) +7:59,6
65. Ruslan Tkalenko (0+3+0+3) +8:48,4
69. Sergey Semenov (2+1+0+3) +9:22,1
83. Artem Tishchenko (1+2+1+3) +11:26,8

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