Biathlon: Pidruchna not had 0.3 seconds to win the bronze medal in the sprint world Cup

Биатлон: Пидручному не хватило 0,3 секунды, чтобы завоевать бронзу в спринте ЧМ

Dmytro Parusni

Dmitry Pidruchny took fourth place in the sprint race of the biathlon world Championships.

On Saturday, March 9, in the framework of the biathlon world Championships in östersund was held men’s sprint.

The best result among the Ukrainians showed Dmitry Pidruchny, finishing fourth. Only 0.3 seconds were not enough for our athletes to stand on the podium and get the bronze. A Ukrainian had shot clean in both stages and showed good speed.

Ruslan Tkalenko showed the 41-th result, Artem Tyshchenko finished 79th, and Vitaly Trush, who first competed at the world championship was 92.

First place went to Johannes boe, and the second remained with Alexander Loginov, finished third Quentin Fillon-maillet.

World Cup sprint-östersund


1. Garanichev Evgeniy (0+1) 24:37,6
2. Alexander Loginov (0+0) +13,7
3. Quentin Fillon Maillet (0+0) +16,5
4. Dmitry Pidruchny (0+0) +16,8

42. Ruslan Tkalenko (0+1) +2:02,4
81. Artem Tishchenko (0+2) +3:21,3
94. Vitaliy Trush (1+2) +4:15,5

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