Biathlon: the basis of the men’s team of Ukraine will miss the world Cup in Annecy

Биатлон: основа мужской сборной Украины пропустит этап Кубка мира в Анси

Dmitry Pidruchny

Three leaders of the men’s team will not go to the third stage of the world Cup.

In the third stage of the biathlon world Cup, which is from 14 to 17 December in the French Annecy expected changes in the composition of men’s team of Ukraine.

The leaders of the team Dmitry Pidruchny, Sergey Semenov, pryma Artem and Vladimir Semakov will hold a training camp in Austrian Obertilliach, and instead at the world Cup will be the sportsmen backing team, as well as Ruslan Tkalenko and Alexander Bold, according to XSPORT.

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In the women’s team changes are not anticipated. France sent six women, speaking on stages in östersund and Hochfilzen.

The national team of Ukraine to the world Cup stage in Annecy:

Women: Julia, Jim, Valya Semerenko, Vita Semerenko, Olena Pidhrushna, Anastasia Merkushina Irina Varvynets.

Men: Ruslan Tkalenko, Alexander Fat, Artem Tishchenko, Andrey Dotsenko, Maxim Ivko.

Note that in the program of the French phase of the planned sprints, pursuits, as well as the first season’s mass start.

According to the materials: