Biathlon. The results of the 1st half of the season. In the shadow of Fourcade and Dallmeier

Биатлон. Итоги 1-й части сезона. В тени Фуркада и Дальмайер concludes after the first three stages of the biathlon world Cup, which decided fairly clear favorites among the m

The new king

When is Martin Fourcade, to watch the men’s biathlon more interesting if, of course, you do not belong to a fan club of the French genius. Such thoughts are voiced, the fans of this sport. It really is the younger Fourcade scored such an incredible form that rivals. Although called king of biathlon OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, but the title probably will soon depart it Martin. He became the first in history to have won seven individual races in the first three stages. OLE Einar is not even dream. And all Martin this month nine times crossed the finish line first, and once took the bronze medal.

Биатлон. Итоги 1-й части сезона. В тени Фуркада и Дальмайер
Martin Fourcade

On account of his 101 201 podium in the race, and the Frenchman is only 28 years old. As for victories, they Fourcade scored already 56, and more – only Bjoerndalen (95). “I don’t know how the rest of my career after the Games, but to them I’m sure this record will not be beaten. I though about it and not think,” says Martin. And OLE Einar believes that all of Martin’s work.

For this zeal is the overall leader should thank the Norwegians, who in the offseason, lured his longtime shooting coach of Sigfred MAZ. “I’m angry at Norway, my answer to them have you seen on the road,” the vyzverilsya Martin after the first race of the season. A tooth on the main opponents and the specialist he holds still and doesn’t seem to forgive them of this act never.

The long-awaited replacement Neuner

Germany – a country where biathlon crazy, because early the Magdalena Neuner, who collected all the medals on his way, still suffering. Lena in those four years gave birth to two children, but a replacement was found her only recently. Laura Dahlmeier is only 23, but she’s probably going to… Fourcade!

“I want to achieve,” – such are the plans of the girl. A comparison with the German, it does not irritate: “I’m flattered”. But thanks to what the Germans did such a breakthrough? As it turned out, all summer, they practiced shooting. Did it accelerate for two seconds at each shooting range and the course before she was crazy. For the first time, Laura goes on a Christmas vacation in the yellow shirt, and the separation mad – 98 points.

Биатлон. Итоги 1-й части сезона. В тени Фуркада и Дальмайер
Laura Dahlmeier

This circumstance Affairs of the Czech fans, who see at the top is just Koukalova not hurt much, because in Nove mesto they booed Laura and I rejoiced when she made mistakes.


Threats to Russians

No season goes by without a scandal in the Russian biathlon. Constantly someone comes to doping. Richard McLaren in December published the still part of his investigation, which mentions 31-m Russian biathlete who catch on to using illegal drugs. Their names are not yet known, but among them there are biathlete different level plus finished his career.

The leader of the Russians, Anton Shipulin, of course, treated this information with skepticism, they say, so funny to read. And Martin Fourcade to confused: “I encourage everyone to boycott competitions in Russia if the perpetrators are not punished”. He was joined by Gabriela Soukalova. Lesser and Franziska in Tyumen will go under any circumstances, and Makarainen not yet thought about the boycott – it’s too early.


Velepec forgot about the pink

Head coach of Ukraine Uros Velepec while holding your pink closet locked up. Last year he promised to dress up, if our ladies win a medal. The beginning of this season was not very encouraging. In the individual races girls never rose to the podium, and in the relay took bronze, that somehow defused the situation. Although the FBU President Vladimir Brynzak not upset, because at the world Cup this season is not the aim. All attention for the world championship.

Биатлон. Итоги 1-й части сезона. В тени Фуркада и Дальмайер
Uros Velepec

The decline in the women’s team happened due to the illness of Elena Pidhrushna, who last season drove in the last lap hard. Now Lena with the speed of a big problem. Valj Semerenko still results health. Despite the fact that the project Manager brynzak said that it will be possible to try it out in Ruhpolding in January, but in the rapid return of Valentina’s hard to believe, because everything in the summer claimed that her treatment will be delayed until at least spring. Yulia Jim, never with high speed, now feels confident on the track, but surrendered in the shooting.

However, not all so bad. The younger generation in the person of Anastasia Merkushina, Iryna varvynets and Yulia Zhuravok, which already runs in on the world Cup, give hope for awards this season.

First fire of Sanitry

Constantly lagging in the results of the men’s team now doesn’t look so pale against the background of the female. New coach Juraj Sanitra took our athletes to a training camp in Canada, where he refused to go to women, and not lost. Have long written off the Brendan found himself in the reserve and great for yourself made in the first two stages, and Dmitry Pidruchny, and all were forced to believe in the podium in the mass start in Nove mesto.

Such was not with us long ago. What is the fourth place in the relay. It remains only to Sergey Semenov to treat Shin and you can wipe even more. In General, the beginning of the season the Slovak can safely put “5”.

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