Biathlon: three Ukrainian women – in the top 10 in the sprint at the IBU Cup in ridnaun

Ukrainian women successfully delivered in the sprint in Ridnaun.

Today women’s national team of Ukraine successfully participated in the sprint race at the IBU Cup in Italian Ridnaun.

Three representatives from Ukraine, Olga Abramova, Nadezhda Belkina and Anastasiya Merkushyna, was in the top 10.

Clean-shooting Olga Abramova’s just a little brought our athlete to the podium. Just two seconds is not enough for our athlete to climb the podium.

In the flower ceremony, in addition to Abramova, participated and Hope Belkin, who became the sixth, with one penalty. Less than two seconds behind the Belkin, on the eighth position, finished the sprint Anastasiya Merkushyna, which also came on one of the penalties after the prone shooting.

Sprint. Women
1. Joanna Skotheim (0+0) 22:26,6
2. Irina Starykh (0+0) +5,4
3. Anastasia Porshnev (0+0) +13,5

4. Olga Abramova (0+0) +15,5
6. Nadezhda Belkina (0+1) +38,4
8. Anastasiya Merkushyna (1+0) +40,1
15. Catherine Beh (0+1) +1:05,3
36. Valeria Dmitrenko (0+0) +2:32,3
58. Anna Krivonos (1+1) +3:41,4

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