Biathlon. Ukraine declared relay teams

Биатлон. Украина объявила составы на эстафету

Yulia Jim will run tomorrow for the team in the second stage

The coaching staff of national team of Ukraine on biathlon announced the names of the athletes who tomorrow will take part in the relay race.

Tomorrow in Slovenian Pokljuka will host the first full-team relay race of the new season of the World Cup both among men and among women. Before important start, the coaching staff of the Ukrainian team decided on the names of the athletes who will take part in the race.

The men’s race will start at 12.15 local time. To open it among the Ukrainians Artem prima, the second phase will run Sergey Semenov, who in turn will pass the baton Vitaly Kilchitskaya. Well, to close the race will be Dmitry Pidruchny, who is now in better shape than teammates.

After his men relay run and women. Its launch is scheduled for 15.30. In the first phase, our team will run Irina Varvynets. The second part of the race will be charged the Julius Jim. Further, the responsibility for the result will take on the leader of the national team, Olena Pidhrushna, close race, quite unexpectedly, will be Anastasiya Merkushyna.

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