Biathlon. Ukraine – the third in the women’s relay

Биатлон. Украина - третья в женской эстафете

Julia Jim

Ukrainian women’s team made a good showing in the firing line, thanks to which managed to take third place in the relay at the second stage of the biathlon world Cup.

At the 1st stage, soukalova Gabriela had a great fire, but failed functional training, especially the course on the last lap, where it lost 15 seconds. Given that the Ira actually trains full only one month, you can expect that during the season it will progress progress.

Great a stage had Yulia Jim! Taking over the 9th, with a lag of 25 seconds, she managed to lead our team to a 1st place. The main thing for Jim was to shoot well, because of the doubt high speed Julia after the previous race, was not. Ideally having worked on shooting, Ukrainian had a great last lap to take the advantage of 15 seconds in front of Germany.

3rd stage was exciting, as it ran Olena Pidhrushna, which has not yet gained the optimal form. But shoot with two extra cartridges, the captain of our team was able to maintain a place in the top three. The last round Lena had even one leg, with the French Amonge Sella, which shows excellent progress this season.

The main challenge for young Anastasia Merkushina to preserve the bronze, because to fight with Laura dahlmeier and Marie Doran-Aber our athlete is not yet a strength. The fight for gold was between the national teams of France and Germany. Prone German gave a chance, had a penalty, but the race Dallmeier equal no. After 10 seconds on the second lap, Laura came to stand with Doran habert. Both women worked cleanly shooting – all had to decide at the finish lap. Meanwhile Merkushina demonstrated excellent accuracy and out of the firing line of the 3rd, losing more than 20 seconds to the leaders.

Alas, but exciting fight for the gold medal failed. On the last climb Dallmeier broke away from the French and finished in splendid isolation. And bronze the national team of Ukraine, which performed well Anastasiya Merkushyna. Apparently the decision of the coaches to send her to the IBU Cup, so she gained confidence, was correct. After yesterday’s victory, Merkushina literally bloomed at the world Cup, proving that our team can fight for victory in the relay.

1. Germany (0+9) 1:11.31,1

2. France (0+3) +10,1

3. Ukraine (0+3) +37,7

4. Czech Republic (2+15) +56,3

5. Norway (2+15) +2.01,6

6. Russia (0+8) +2.08,6

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