Biathlon: Ukrainian women in the relay in the end we missed a chance for a medal

Биатлон: Украинки в эстафете в концовке упустила шанс на медаль

Uncertain stage Pidhrushna has deprived the Ukrainian team the opportunity to be with a medal.

In German Ruhpolding in the fifth stage of the biathlon world Cup hosted the women’s relay race, which almost brought the medal for the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team.

In the first stage of Vita Semerenko two round was held among the leaders, but at the standing shooting used with one additional, plus the long shot and slightly passed the last lap, so I passed the baton on 10th place with 33 seconds behind the Italian, Vittozzi.

Julia Jima in the second stage worked perfectly both shooting stages, and not only lifted the team to second place, but played the lion’s share of the gap with the leaders, our team was 10 seconds behind the French team.

Valya Semerenko, despite using three spare rounds, kept the team among the leaders, she passed the baton to the fourth at 9 seconds from a liderok French, a little conceding on the last lap Eckhoff and Wearer.

Pidhrushna began her stage quietly, leaving the rivals for 25 seconds, but clean shooting kept Ukraine fourth. But on the counter Lena made three mistakes and let cleaned more ammo, the chances for a medal were lost.

On the last lap Pidhrushna was forced to compete with Hanna öberg and Federica Sanfilippo only 5-7 places. Italian Pidhrushna still unhooked, but the leader of the national team of Sweden at the finish line could not quell, losing half a second.

Once the relay this season won the team of Norway despite a weak first stages, Tiril Eckhoff and olsbu Marte reiseland the second half of the race naturally played a 40-second gap. France was second and Switzerland the third time in four races of the season on the podium.

Relay. Women
1. Norway (0+9) 1:08:46,4
2. France (0+8) +10,7
3. Switzerland (0+4) +20,7
4. Germany (2+4) +31,7
5. Sweden (0+11) +54,3
6. Ukraine (0+7) +54,8

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