Biathlon: women’s team will run the relay in the experimental part

Биатлон: женская сборная побежит эстафету в экспериментальном составе

Anastasiya Merkushyna

Place in the relay team captain Olena Pidhrushna.

The coaching staff of the national team of Ukraine on the last relay before the Olympics, decided to experiment.

If the previous two relays this season, the Ukraine competed in the Olympic Sochi composition with the same arrangement, in Ruhpolding will run Anastasiya Merkushyna. And a young athlete will perform is the Olympic champion Olena Pidhrushna in the last stage.

There have been changes in the balance in stages – start coaches entrusted Vale Semerenko, after which the distance will be released Yulia Jim, and on the third leg of the race will make Vita Semerenko.

The main competitors of Ukraine for the prize, will perform in the following composition – Germany (Preuss, Herrmann, Hildebrand, Dahlmeier), France (A. knight, Dorin habert, H. Chevalier, Amonge), and Italy (Vittozzi, Wierer, Gauthier, Sanfilippo).

Earlier it was reported that brez miss the relay race in Ruhpolding because of stomach problems. On the eve of Jim and Semerenko stopped in a step from medals in Ruhpolding.

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