Biden: Ukraine – regression of the fight against corruption

Байден: В Украине - регресс борьбы с коррупцией

Former Vice-President said that corruption is the biggest problem in Ukraine. Now, in his opinion, the biggest problem with the anti-corruption court.

In Ukraine there is a setback in the fight against corruption. This was stated by former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden. He said this, speaking at the Council on foreign relations in the United States, reports Voice of America.

“I am extremely concerned about a rollback in the fight against corruption… They did some very important necessary institutional and personnel changes. But one of the three necessary institutions now takes a back seat. The anti – corruption court,” he said.

Biden said that the situation was similar at the time with the public Prosecutor Victor Shokin.

“Here’s one concrete example. I was given an assignment in Ukraine. So I remember I left there to convince our team, we need to give Ukraine a long-term loan guarantees. I went to Kiev 12-13 times, and in the end had to announce that we are offering one billion dollars in loan guarantees. I received promises of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk that they will take the initiative to the attorney General, but they didn’t do it”, – he said.

“I went to the press conference and said we don’t give you a billion dollars. They tell me: you do not have such authority, you – not the President, the President said that he would give. I: call him. I said that you don’t get a billion dollars. I said I’m going in 6 hours if your attorney General will not be dismissed at this time, you do not get the money. Son of a bitch! And he was fired. And in his place put someone in the time trusted,” said former Vice-President of the United States.

Earlier the EU said the draft law Poroshenko on the anti-corruption court does not meet the conditions bizwise.

And the world Bank demanded to fix the bill on the anti-corruption court.