Biletsky has called for the protest March in Kiev

Билецкий призвал к маршу протеста в Киеве

Regiment Azov against the elections in the Donbass

The commander of Azov is planning a rally against early elections on the territory of the LDNR.

Azov commander Andriy Biletsky urged Ukrainians to come to the March in Kiev, scheduled for may 20. The corresponding statement published on the official page of a battalion.

Biletsky has motivated its appeal by the fact that now, in his opinion, Ukraine is facing the problem of survival and preservation of statehood, and “imposed” Russia plan Ukraine should hold elections in the Donbass this year.

This, according to the commander of the Azov means “elections at gunpoint separatists prevent Ukrainian parties, journalists and internally displaced persons… the resolution to a vote of visitors of the Russians.”

“If Parliament and the President decides to hold elections in the Donbass, it will mean the final loss of sovereignty over these territories, beginning the spread of gangrene separatist in Ukraine”, – said the Biletsky.

As reported Корреспондент.net, April 24, in the Cherkasy regiment Azov staged a torchlight procession.

Azov blocked the office Intera