Biletsky: Today’s March, “Azov” – not a ceiling mobilization potential

Билецкий: Сегодняшний марш "Азова" – не потолок мобилизационного потенциала

Today’s March “Azov” – not a ceiling mobilization potential. About it during communication with the correspondent of TV channel “112 Ukraine” in front of the Parliament said the MP, leader of the “Azov” Andrey Biletsky.

“If the government behave inappropriately, then view. This is not the ceiling of the mobilization potential. We can talk about the number of people that exceed the current 5 or 10 times,” – said the Deputy.

Note, in the words of Biletsky, in today’s March “Azov” was attended by about 10 thousand people.

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March “Azov” have a Happy ended with the lighting of flares. According to Biletskiy, the specified action is peaceful, and its interested members to storm the Parliament. However, he said that it was just a warning. In the case that in the Donbass will try to hold elections, Parliament “will make”. March “Azov” was held under the slogan “Requirements of the nation – no surrender.” In particular, representatives of the “Azov” opposed the holding of elections in the Donbass, “the Russian scenario”. On the Grushevsky street was closed to vehicular traffic.

Order in the center of Kiev provides 2, thousands of law enforcement officers.

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