Billionaires in Asia is greater than in the USA

Миллиардеров в Азии стало больше, чем в США

Billionaires in the world has become more

The condition of the rich has increased to a total of 6 trillion dollars.

The number of billionaires in the world increased, and their condition, at the same time the center of individual wealth has moved from the US to Asia. This is evidenced by the results of the study Billionaire Insights 2017, conducted by the consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers and Swiss Bank UBS, reports UKRINFORM.

“Despite periods of increased geopolitical uncertainty, the super-rich of this world thrive. The wealth of the richest has increased in 2016 by 17%, from 5.1 to 6 trillion dollars. It is noteworthy that for the first time in history, Asia has more billionaires than the USA”, found the study authors.

Themselves bags has increased by 10% – 1542 man. These 145 new billionaire created 2.8 million jobs worldwide. In General, the companies that are owned by the richest people of a planet work 27.7 million people.

In Asia, mostly in China, live in the moment, 637 billionaires (an increase for the year, quarter), USA – 536, in Europe – 342 (in particular, in Germany – 117, great Britain – 55, Italy – 42, France – 39, Switzerland – 35). The proportion of women in the club of billionaires is one-tenth.

If the United States and Europe, the proportion of billionaires and after 70 years is approximately equal (plus-min 3 per cent), in Asia more than 80% of super-rich has not yet reached the age of 70.

In addition to philanthropy billionaires patronize the arts and sport, putting them in funds.

Recall that in the Czech Republic the Prime Minister can become billionaire Andrew Babish, who is often compared to the President of the United States Donald trump because of the attacks on the party establishment and the European Union.