Bilous said that slows down the privatization in Ukraine

Билоус рассказал, что тормозит приватизацию в Украине

Mass privatization in Ukraine will be able to start after, it will accelerate the transfer of objects of state property to the state property Fund, and will exclude political influence on the process of privatization. About this blog “New time” wrote the head of the state property Fund Igor Bilous.

“In order for mass privatization in Ukraine started, we need to follow some simple steps: to accelerate the transfer of objects of state property; to take a series of unpopular decisions on debt restructuring and liquidation hasobject dummy; to cease to hold on to decrepit the enterprise technology of the last century; to engage with the practice of overstatement and, for that matter, to sell surplus stock for 1 UAH. And – last but not least, is to eliminate the so – called political factor of privatization process,” – said Igor Bilous.

According to the head of the state property Fund, currently in the plans for privatization-2017 has about 30 relatively large enterprises, where the share of state ownership exceeding 50%. Of them 18 are expected to be adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of the terms of sale. For 7 objects (six power companies and “Centrenergo”) while Parliament is expected to adopt a new Law on electricity market (second reading), and the national Commission will announce the rate of RAB-tariff. On a number of objects (including HMO, the number of CHP and others) have accumulated the amount of debt that discourages investment.

One of the main problems of privatization Igor Bilous describes the negative dynamics of the transfer of enterprises to the Fund for preparation for sale.

“Statistics for the year 2016 is simple and sad: the FDMA has received from ministries and departments instead of 155, only 16 companies. Moreover, the transmission lasts from several months to several years. Periodically take the enterprise from the privatization list, such as occurred with the state food and grain Corporation. In 2016, from the list of privatization was removed 58 entities. This is what we call negative dynamics. In addition, more than 100 enterprises, subject to privatization, are still in the lists of the various laws prohibiting their sale. So we just this year have “hung” Ukrspirt, the Agrarian Fund and other state assets that had to be sold, but for various reasons still not transferred to the Fund for privatization,” – said Igor Bilous.

As noted by the head of the SPF, his Agency doesn’t decide what to privatize, what to eliminate and what to leave the state, but only prepares the items for sale.

“Together with the Ministry of economic development and Baker&McKenzie, we have written a new law on privatization. We threw the Cabinet and the Ministry of the queries, and the MP calls as soon as possible to take smart bills. So we use all platforms in order to remind you that the privatization process should be accelerated and not to exclude objects from privatization. And it can be done only through the joint efforts of all institutions, – said Igor Bilous.

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