Biometric control will have consequences for EU citizens – foreign Ministry

Биометрический контроль не будет иметь последствий для граждан ЕС – МИД

Introduction the entry of foreigners in Ukraine biometric passports will have consequences for EU citizens.

The proposed national security Council initiative to enter Ukraine for foreign citizens biometric passports will have no practical consequences for the citizens of the European Union and countries that have biometric passports according to the standards of the International civil aviation organization. This was stated by foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

“In the context of a visa-free regime that works for biometric passports, we have to identify problems, not only with the European Union, but also with other countries who have biometric passports according to ICAO standards. Thus, for the EU, this decision effectively would have little practical consequences,” – said the Minister.

According to Klimkin, the decision will be made as soon as the completion of the engineering works associated with the registry of biometric data.

Poroshenko: Four million Ukrainians with biometric passports

Recall, the NSDC took the decision to introduce a new order of crossing the Ukrainian border with biometric passports from 1 January 2018.