Birch: Sprague interested in Ajax and man city, but we were not satisfied with the amount

Береза: Супрягой интересовались Аякс и Ман Сити, но нас не устроила сумма

Vladislav Supryaga

Yuriy Bereza rasskryl the details of the transfer of 18-year-old striker in Dinamo.

The President of SK Dnipro-1 Yuriy Bereza told about the sale by Vladislav Sprage in Dynamo Kiev.

“During the talks, Supryaga doubted my integrity. But I told him: “If you want – please.”

One of the highlights of Vladislav transition to Dynamo is his girlfriend. For me today the most important was the desire of Sprage.

6 million euros? I’m not going to talk about the amount of his transfer. It is more. Sprague interested in Ajax and Manchester city, but the amount that they offered, did not suit us. In the case of resale Sprage SK Dnipro-1 will get 50 percent,” said Birch in an interview with Profootball.

Recall that the contract with Sprague signed for five years. Last season, the 18-year-old striker has played for the Dnepr-1 28 games, scoring 7 goals.

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