Bitcoin has become more expensive per ounce

Биткоин стал дороже унции золота

Bitcoin has historical records

For the first time the history of the Troy ounce of gold cheaper bitcoin.

The cost of bitcoin for the first time in history exceeded the cost of one Troy ounce of gold (about 31.1 grams). This is evidenced by trading on electronic markets on 3 March.

According to the bitcoin exchange Kraken the bitcoin’s price is $ 1277, the maximum rose to 1,281 USD. At the same time on the Comex gold is trading at $ 1226 per Troy ounce.

Биткоин стал дороже унции золота

Bitcoin became more valuable than gold

Bitcoin is a digital currency introduced in 2009. Now it is the most popular convertible virtual currency.

It is not provided with any material assets. All transactions are conducted without the participation of the controller, directly between users.

Just can be issued no more than 21 million bitcoins, over time produced less and less coins. Bitcoins can be pay online.

Earlier, the European court decided that operations with bitcoin and other virtual currencies in the EU should not be subject to value added tax.

It is known that the Bank of England has asked scientists at University College London to develop a system of virtual currency by analogy with bitcoin.