Bitcoin has fallen below $10 000

Биткоин обвалился ниже $10 000

Bitcoin record dropped in price

Bitcoin exchange rate today, 17 January, fell below the psychological minimum of $10,000, reaching $9620, which in turn entailed the rates of other cryptocurrencies.

Course the world’s most popular cryptocurrency – bitcoin fell below the psychological mark of $10,000. This is evidenced by CoinMarketCap.

The bitcoins per day has fallen by 20%.

As of 17:00 per coin offer $9620.

Capitalization of bitcoin has dropped to $161 billion.

Other cryptocurrencies from the first hundred are also showing a serious decline.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies was reduced to $429 billion.

Биткоин обвалился ниже $10 000



We will remind, on 16 January, the bitcoin has experienced a strong correction, slipping to a six-week low.

Earlier Корреспондент.net understood, what has caused the fall of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.