Bitcoin rose to its highest level since the summer of 2014

Биткоины подорожали до максимума с лета 2014 года

Bitcoins over the weekend has risen to the highest level in a year and a half

In fact, the market value of outstanding bitcoins exceeds $ 8 billion.

Over the past weekend, the rate of bitcoin has increased dramatically, show the data of the analytical company CoinDesk, calculate the price index of bitcoin. Now the value of bitcoins is at its highest level since the summer of 2014.

On Monday morning, the cryptocurrency was worth about 534,3 dollar, while on Sunday its rate rose to 544 USD. These data are confirmed by other aggregators of virtual exchanges where bitcoins are traded.

Sharp growth of exchange rate of bitcoin started on Saturday: then, the currency has risen nearly 11% from 473,5 525,4 dollar to dollar. Prior to that, the exchange rate was relatively stable for several months.

In fact, the market value of outstanding bitcoins exceeds $ 8 billion.

While experts differ in opinion about what is involved in the rapid growth of the bitcoin exchange rate. In one of trading networks bitkoenig Whaleclub CoinDesk reported that the fundamental reasons for rise in prices there. The company is associated with speculation and market entry of new players wanting to earn.

In particular, analysts report about the interest in bitcoin from Chinese buyers. For example, the financial blog ZeroHedge explains that China’s restrictions on capital flows, it has resulted in increased demand for gold. But to get the gold is difficult, therefore, the Chinese began to buy bitcoins, despite various restrictions on their movement in the country. They are particularly attractive for investment against the devaluation of the yuan.

In General, many experts point out that bitcoins are becoming attracted increasing attention from investors amid tightening Bank regulation, the fight against loopholes in the tax legislation and the imposition of restrictions on the movement of capital.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency, the release of which is not regulated by any world Bank.

Bitcoins used in the underground economy, for example, for drug trafficking and other prohibited for free circulation of goods.

In early may, the Australian Craig Wright acknowledged themselves to be the Creator of cryptocurrency, which began to circulate in 2009.

In Russia want to legislate against cryptocurrencies