Black cash of the Party of regions. The main accused

Черная касса Партии регионов. Главные фигуранты

In Ukraine published the secret documents of the previous government.

In Ukraine published the data of “Black accounting” of the Party of Regions.

Illegal embezzlement of the former ruling party for the first half of 2013 published the edition “Ukrainian truth”.

This is only part of the documents that are submitted to the National anti-corruption Bureau, former Deputy Chairman of SBU Victor Trepak.

In the documents, “Black accounting” contains the embezzlement of the party for the advertising services of political scientists, as well as data on the informal salaries of deputies and officials, who paid them regionals.

Корреспондент.net analyzed published scandalous documents.

The big names

The papers contain a receipt for the funds with the names, signatures, amount of money, which States the purpose of the payments.

All expenses of the Party of regions during the first half of 2012 amounted to about 66 million dollars.

The main curators of the distribution of party funds was made by the deputies Eugene Heller and Vitaly Kalyuzhny.

“The most provocative information, which is in our possession, it is a bribe for members of the Central election commissions and their units are measured in millions of dollars. Also it’s money to bribe MPs from other factions (in particular, the “Our Ukraine” and the Communist party) for voting in the interests of the Party of regions”, — said the MP Serhiy Leshchenko published documents.

So in “the barn book” Party of regions appear the names and initials, which coincide with the names of former Minister and MP Volodymyr Sivkovych, ex-Minister of justice Elena Lukash, the former Minister of foreign Affairs Leonid Kozhara, the head of the CEC Michael Okhendovsky, former and current deputies Lev Mirimskaya, Stanislaus Skobelevskaja, Vladimir demidko, Natalia Kovalevskaya, Yanukovych guard with Russian passport Zanevsky.

So 3.4 million dollars was awarded to V. Kalyuzhny And the wording “Central election Commission and for voting for the budget.”

Politicians and advertising

According to the documents, the consultants Kost Bondarenko and Alexei was Mustafinova round sum from the Party of regions and have acknowledged the fact of the settlement through a “slush Fund”.

2,225 million dollars was awarded to Yevgeny Kopatko, the founder of the company “Research & Branding Group”, on the polls

2 million dollars was received by the analyst Volodymyr Granovsky.

1.5 million dollars was received by Perillo O. V., Terikov A. S. Bessarab, and V. A. with the ICTV.

Also from the published documents can be found, through whom millions of dollars were transferred to the PR-support of the Party of regions on the channel inter, in the regional press and FM radio stations.

The first answers

The first to react to a publication in the CEC, and quite original.

People with the last name and initials, which coincide with the data of the current head of the CEC Mikhail Okhendovsky has received the Party of regions funds for the trip.

The CEC also said that publication of “black accounting PR” is an attempt to disrupt voting in the seven districts for election of deputies to the Parliament.

“The head of the CEC, as well as the Commission, is in the electoral process elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine in seven districts. And I think to a certain extent, what is happening now is an attempt to dislodge the Central election Commission with the normal operating schedule of work and to disrupt the elections”, – said the head of Department of interaction with mass media of the Central election Commission Konstantin Hurenko.

The stations itself is silent.

The leader of the popular party, ex-Deputy Yuriy Kostenko also appear in the list of “black accounting”. Kostenko said that the money from the regionals didn’t take, but the funding for his party was looking at big business, held meetings.

Reaction of social networks

Черная касса Партии регионов. Главные фигуранты


Черная касса Партии регионов. Главные фигуранты


Черная касса Партии регионов. Главные фигуранты