Black day for Russian sport: medals of Sochi-2014 will take because of doping?

Черный день для российского спорта: медали Сочи-2014 отнимут из-за допинга?

Today in London, the head of the Commission WADA Richard McLaren will give a press-conference, devoted to the investigation of possible doping Mosh

At the moment no details of the report, McLaren is not leaked to the press, however, to prepare the Russian side is worse.

As suggested by a canadian specialist, more than a thousand Russian athletes were involved in the manipulation of doping samples in recent years. Mainly among them are 12 winners of the Olympiad in Sochi, including 4 gold medalist.

The athletes were not acting on their own initiative, and under the careful supervision of the state, to whom belongs the launch of the “programs”. This method made a good showing in London 2012, the summer Universiade 2013, world championship in athletics in Moscow in 2013 and of course Sochi 2014.

Experts believe that all these competitions members of team Russia were massively taken illegal drugs, which subsequently disappeared with the various manipulation of doping samples.

What are the consequences of the Russian side in case if McLaren have direct evidence of their guilt? First, it is reviewing the results of the Sochi Olympics. In addition, Russia may lose the opportunity to host international competitions, as well as to participate in them. However, the actual athletes whose names will be mentioned in the report, expect a long suspension.


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