“Black Friday 2016”: What you need to know about the main bottom outlet

"Черная пятница-2016": Что нужно знать о главном дне распродаж

All shoppers don’t need to explain what “black Friday” because real hunters for discounts prepare for it in advance. The tradition to arrange the sale on Friday after thanksgiving came from the United States and in Ukraine caught on relatively recently. What you need to know about the main bottom outlet – read our material.

How it all began

On Friday after thanksgiving in the U.S. begins the Christmas shopping season. This is probably due to the parade of Santa clauses, who in the late 19th – early 20th century, sponsored by the Department stores, using as additional advertising. In the end there was an unspoken rule that no shop has launched a Christmas advertising before the parade was over. Thus, following the thanksgiving day became the official start of the shopping season.

Until about 1961, “black Friday” called big jams in Philadelphia observed the day after thanksgiving. But when this phrase has become a common all over the world, there was another explanation: this is the time of year when sellers start to make a profit and cease to be in the red, and are in the black (in English – “in the red” and “in the black”).

Due to the fact that thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November, black Friday falls in the time interval from 23 to 29 November, she is not an official holiday, but California and some other States, this day announced the weekends for civil servants. Popular practice especially to take a day off to hunt for the best prices.

Fighting for discount

In “black Friday” stores open early, usually at 6 o’clock. However, in 2000 years time has shifted to 5 and even 4 in the morning. And in 2012 several retailers opened their stores from midnight.

During gigantic sales when everyone is trying first to “grab” any thing can happen, injuries, fights and other acts of aggression. So, since 2006 in USA there were 7 deaths and 98 injuries in the “black Friday”.

In 2008, a crowd of about 2 thousand buyers in new York blew the doors of WalMart and trampled to death a 34-year-old worker.

In 2011, California shopper sprayed pepper spray, causing minor injuries to 20 people who waited in line for depreciating the Xbox 360.

Sales online

With arrival to our life of online shopping, almost all the stores are trying to be in trend and make their sales.

The largest U.S. online store Amazon is already zapostili its sale. Products are not “thrown on the shelves” at the same time, discounts are distributed over a certain period, they start and end. For example, right now on buying a tablet or e-book you can save up to $ 30.

By clicking on the tab “Upcoming” you can see which discounts are available and after a period of time. A link to the “Missed Deals” will tell about the actions that have already ended.

“Black Friday” on the website “Aliexpress” launched on November 25 at 9:00 on the Kiev time. The store promises that the sale will last 4 days, that is Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (25 and 29 November), but “just hotter” it will be 25 and 28 November. A couple of days before the start of sales of “black Friday” on the website “Aliexpress” carried out various actions, draws of prizes in games and contests, there is a distribution of discount coupons.

In Ukraine, the tradition of sales is relatively recent. The first shopping night was held in autumn 2010 in one of the Metropolitan shopping center, and in 2013 the “black Friday” and arranged several Ukrainian online stores specializing in electronics, clothing and books.

Since that time the number of online sites for sales increased significantly and more or less popular try to make “black Friday” special. Shopping centers the day of the sale will work longer, but we have discounts of up to 70-90% are hard to find. Many Ukrainian retailers prefer to arrange the sale before the New year, because for our people it is more usual time for shopping.