Black Friday jewelry online store Gold: how to turn black Friday into gold

Black Friday с ювелирным интернет-магазином Gold: как превратить черную пятницу в золотую

Shopaholics, rejoice: the “black Friday” is rapidly approaching! And that means that Christmas sales will begin from day to day.

Shopaholics, rejoice: the “black Friday” is rapidly approaching! And that means that Christmas sales will begin from day to day.

An American tradition, just a few years securely rooted in the domestic shopping culture, with enthusiasm fueled the largest Ukrainian retailers. But while some people are only prepared to launch the festive campaign, others are already actively giving crazy discounts for everyone. A unique opportunity to stock up on Christmas gifts for themselves and their families from November 24 will be available in major jewelry Megastore country online store

Save up to 70% off retail prices

Jewelry hypermarket this year organized the auction of unprecedented generosity, prolonging the action of crazy discounts — from traditional day to three days. “Black Friday” in the jewelry Megastore will open on 24 November and will run until 26.11.2017 inclusive. The retailer offers Ukrainian consumers six concurrent stock applicable to different categories of products and allows the solid to save money on buying jewelry. The number of promotional jewelry which can be purchased at in the period of the long-running “black Friday” exceeds 10 thousand.

To use your chance to make a favourable purchase, you should click on the link and choose any of the jewelry retailer coupon offers. They all operate on the same principle, allowing the purchaser to save three times:

  • take advantage of the discount from the retail cost — up to 70%
  • to get an additional discount promotion code — up to 50%,
  • to Fund your bonus account by returning a percentage of your purchase — up to 5%.

The maximum and, most importantly, honest discounts on more than 10 thousand jewelry is an unprecedented phenomenon for the Ukrainian market. To afford such can only Megastore the largest jewelry in the country. For three special days, the discounts will remain unchanged. But the number of promotional products is strictly limited: every minute of jewelry will become less and less. Therefore, the most attractive to buyers are considered to be the first hours since the start, the biggest sales of the year.

Why Friday is “black”

Initially, the concept of Black Friday was not directly related to the discounts. The term “born” in the late 60-ies of the last century, when the owners of one of the American Railways has decided to artificially trigger the growth of tariffs for transportation by buying gold. On the first day speculative Scam the price of precious metal increased by 40%, but to achieve this goal provocateurs and failed.


Today about this story few people remember. For American buyers a “black Friday” has long been one of the brightest and most colorful days of the year. Because it traditionally begins the Christmas sales. And on this day discounts on products huge as ever.