Black Friday – time to buy time

Черная пятница – время покупать время

If you are not ponedelnika, and the typical patricii, then congratulations: Real Black Friday 2018 very soon – on November 23.

Feel like time is running out? Famous discounts up to 90% on brands get on black Friday usually only the first customers that day, so ironed shoelaces, put on a yellow bib and collect the maximum information on their wishlist, so in the morning start to “make” everyone who has dared to put perspective on the fact that you have a whole year lying in the Bank desires!

Below is the manual for dummies-shopping (no offense, Bro!)

Черная пятница – время покупать время



The first is the timing. Starts black Friday at 23:59 on Thursday, November 23, Kyiv time. The difference in time zones we have with new York – plus 7 hours. This hint. By the way, and that there is a risk to sleep for real sale.

The second conventional wisdom. Do not get fooled by trivial divorce, when the price of goods just before PE rises-rises, to then dramatically drop to prepolymer level. Experts point out that often so do the stores that sell clothing or shoes. Iisli networkers are still stuck with some kind of coupon ethics, the stores “on their own” resultdatetime prices on the garments shamelessly. Of course, you can populationat their deceit, but while the blush of the author this was a smart marketing move not to mogosesti nothing.

The third – experienced catchers discounts knowthat the most difficult stage will be near the shopping
stands with makeup: thousands of ladies in anticipation of wonderful prices beautiful is not just scary, it’s dangerous. Because beautiful should be only one, the one that will get the best cheap and completely unnecessary! The probes and samples in the window, samples of cosmetics, which was not popular for a year, and then almost
delay… Girlfriend be careful and don’t allow the % to spoil your fun and
look! Another popular category of purchases, which is expected to boom 23 Nov spirits. And, by the way, the trick here is often found the same as with luxury cars store offers real discounts, but fails to mention that at a bargain price, sold only a few copies of the item, oops.

Черная пятница – время покупать время



Therefore, the fourth – philosophical: “the Skilled man and will increase saving”. To his wife, too, by the way. The proposed CHP-2018 to devote to buying a long-desired hours! Yes, this product is known brands such as: Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, DKNY and others will not be increasing prices in advance, there is no delay, and this is a dream that is very convenient to buy online!

Unlike many gadgets that are sold on 23 November, that branded watches are warranted, whether the brand is luxury or affordable, such as CASIO. Here’s an example of the latter and do the first calculation. The Japanese have long bet on
budget and practicality. And if lovely women’s watch from the Country of the Rising Sun are now on the website so much, that on Black Friday, the figure becomes so small that it will have to look at through a microscope.

A little different price range is the famous and brutal DIESEL. By the way, a few years ago under the brand name DIESEL was released the biggest wrist watch chronometer in the world. Diameter Grand Daddy is 66 mm, and the body fit from 4 independent quartz movement, displaying 4 time zones

Черная пятница – время покупать время



Well, what? Convincing? And you have a low start?

Therefore, the fifth – the final: it’s time to buy TIME!