Blackout April: Ukrinterenergo owed 750 million

Блэкаут с апреля: Укринтерэнерго задолжали 750 млн

Thousands of businesses will be out of service from April 1

On April 1, the provider “of last resort” disconnect electricista thousands of companies across the country.

Company Ukrinterenergo, which is the provider “of last resort”, owed almost 750 million. On Friday, March 22, said the head NKREKU Oksana Krivenko in Facebook.

The biggest debtors are the enterprises of coal industry, in particular, the state of the mine (350 million) and utilities (more than UAH 100 million).

In particular, under the threat of disconnection, there are six water utilities: KP Water of Donbass, Lisichanskvodokanal, Taunservis (Severodonetsk), the aulsky conduit, Kamensky municipal water supply, Sumy municipal water supply.

So KP Water of Donbass at the end of the year had a debt of 2438 million UAH and in pona have managed to accumulate a debt of 390 million UAH. The aulsky conduit to the end of the year had a debt of UAH 96 million and formed a debt on another 27 million UAH, told Krivenko.

She rejected the accusations of the Association of water utilities that the alleged NKREKU to blame in this situation and that the water rates are not reviewed. In particular, the Commission partially changed the rates.

“These new rates have already been adopted to the calculation of the cost of electricity at market prices. But can’t even speak for the Commission to set water tariffs with the cost of electricity PNA, which is 15-20% above the market, these costs, the consumer should not pay,” – said Krivenko.

“Today, a thorny issue in the electricity market is the operation of the provider “of last resort” – 95% of consumers (total 1001) which from 1 April will exhaust the legal 90-day term of rendering services”, – napomnila it.

The head of the regulator explained that consumers must sign a contract with the new Electromechanica at the end of the term of the contract delivery of electricity supplier “of last resort”.

On the eve of the Vice-President of the Association Ukrvodokanalekologiya Olga Babiy said that due to the power outage water utilities will remain without water for five million Ukrainians.


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